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First Time

Hindi na mauulit ang time na to.

So this is why those first times occupy a special place in our hearts? Because the feeling is all new, you just have to take in everything in relation to the feeling.

First best friend. First fallen tooth. First 10 yards on the bike without support before falling flat on your side. First scar. First successful upperhand service in volleyball. First home run. First kick in the groin in kindergarten. First crush. First confrontation with an older sister of the kid I used to bully. First honors. First pang of jealousy. First suicidal thoughts. First thoughts to enter nunnery. First manuscript for a school play. First broken heart. First failed grade. First balut.

So many firsts in one little lifetime.

I’m being a sentimental fool over work. Another first.

Happy first anniversary to our company. And happy first year to me in this company. =)


Online Rumble: Game! Magazine September-October 2006 Issue out now!

Game! Magazine Issue 5: Online Rumble

 The September-October 2006 issue of Game! Magazine packs a lot of punch with the Online Rumble theme!

RAN OnlineNuri and Hana of Pangya

On our Walkthrough section, we have the RAN Online Episode 2: Revelations Checklist on quests, new monsters and new skills to be learned; Pangya‘s hole-by-hole guide on Sepia Wind; and a guide to Tantra‘s newest patch, Kathana 3: Epics of Avatara.

Epics of Avatara - the opening page at Game Magazine Issue 4Also previewed are online and PC games soon to hit the web and stands: Cabal Online, Huxley and Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar. Know the basics in buying a house in our Feature story “In There and Loving It!”

Hot on the Spotlight are RF Online Class Guide, ROSE Online Gamer’s Diary and Dreamville.

Edward and Alphonse of Fullmetal AlchemistFull feature also on the world-famous animé Fullmetal Alchemist and the games based on it. Turn to our Window Shopping section and learn how to spruce up your characters in Gunbound World Champion while on the budget. Know the items and accessories that you’d need to tame Ragnarok pets with our guide!

Console and handheld reviews galore on this issue: Big Brain Academy, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Super Dragon Ball Z, Titan Quest, Prey, Tekken: Dark Ressurection and several more!

For only 80 bucks, you get a free FlyFF V6: The Ascencion installer CD and poster!

Word up, guys! I got some articles published there. Thank you so much!

Alive, Kicking and Still Coughing

[mood] eager
[music] We Are All Innocent – Our Lady Peace

I am back from the dead. Although I still have a bad case of coughs, I’m definitely better than I had been a week before. I caught the cough-colds-flu combo virus last week and let me tell you, it was one of the worse experiences because of these reasons. 

Reason Numero Uno: I spent more that I usually spend on a weekly basis—I had to “splurge” on rolls of tissues, Gatorade, and medicine.

Reason Numero Dos: I can’t talk properly. For a person who is naturally talkative—nicknamed “Chatterbox” by my wonderful cousins—it was pure hell. I have to swallow every quip I have in mind, I can’t even laugh properly or I would have a bad coughing fit. Nasty, I tell you.

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Fingers crossed

[mood] anxious
[opening song title that fits the mood] Cemetery Drive – My Chemical Romance

Some hours from now, the team will be handing over the CD containing the .INDD and .PDF files of our fourth issue.

I’m hoping against hope that we submit it before the “expected time” strikes. I really want to make it to the deadline.

I’m not in the mood to contemplate a dreaded “what if…”

[closing song title that fits the mood] Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5
[status] dizzy

Deadlines, deadlines

[mood] tired
[music] Haruka Kanata – Asian Kung Fu Generation

“At some point, I would like to write a book and other things, but I work best when there is some sort of deadline in my own mind, but not when fifty people or fifty million people are breathing down the back of my neck.”

– Alanis Morissette

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The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards intro video starring Neil Gaiman

Go Gaiman! Give us a wink!

The “god of pens” commented on the introduction video in his journal and said:

I should warn people, very silly, at a level that made me expect to look up and see Graham Chapman in Army uniform cautioning us about how silly it had become. Also funny.

Had a really good laugh. Credits go to Jason Tan, who is one of the editors/animators of the intro video; Camille and Edzel for the dubbing; Lyle for directing and animating parts of the video. Pretty neat!

I heard about the contest a tad bit too late. *Ehem* Okay, I concede. I learned about the graphic/fiction contest some three weeks before the deadline for work submission. But as luck would have it, the contest deadline is this|close to Game! Magazine’s deadline. And in between finishing a long-awaited premier issue and a story-yet-to-be-written-and-drawn, I’d have to choose the former. I have no intention of getting fired for incompetency. Nope. Not yet.

I contented myself, though, with being a part of Fully Booked’s mailing list re contest. Tough competition, I thought, when I saw some 12-paged comic entries for the contest. Apart from the winning entry A Sad, Mad, Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl and other entries nominated for the People’s Choice award, I’ve only seen Why I Wake Up Late (which is astig, to put it succintly) and Some Things Are Better Left for Themselves. I intend to check them all.

Grabe. These short-listed comics would have swallowed my entry alive. *gulp*

Oh well.

Will wait for the second round. Must not miss it. And to end this post is another still from the video. Go Super Gaiman! Go!

Go Gaiman! Go!


Oops. Can’t see the photos? Click here instead.

Reduced Happiness Part I

Moment of realization: work had officially reduced my happiness.

Brief background. I work as an editorial assistant for a gaming magazine. Being one requires you to be as resourceful, patient, even-tempered and alert as possible.

Related Literature. My job requires me to set up photo shoots, find writers and set interviews, write and edit articles, research for updates, assist the creative department during layout, organize other stuff (I’m not really wordy today…), test (yay! play!) new games, attend events, etchetera, etc. I rely mostly on the Internet for my researches. I can’t work without a computer, a telephone, cellphone (and cellphone credits) and some ketchup packets.

(skipping theoretical and conceptual framework…)

Conclusion. It becomes an editorial assistant’s nightmare when:

1. The Internet is down. And you badly needed to email a writer of the assignment for tomorrow morning.
2. You decide to text the writer instead only to find out that you ran out of credits.
3. You decide to call the person but you don’t know his landline. Text! Oops, see # 2.
4. You decide to print a copy of the instructions for the writer but the printer won’t work.
5. Yay! The printer is finally working. Where are the goddamn papers?

If a day passes by without having to worry that the Internet won’t bog down or the printer doesn’t throw a tantrum at the worst timing, an editorial assistant’s day is somehow made.

Which made me sad when I’ve thought about it. There are more than these little things that should make me happy.

Friends, for example… which is entirely a new topic I’d deal with on my next post.

P.S. Is happiness only a state of mind?