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The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards intro video starring Neil Gaiman

Go Gaiman! Give us a wink!

The “god of pens” commented on the introduction video in his journal and said:

I should warn people, very silly, at a level that made me expect to look up and see Graham Chapman in Army uniform cautioning us about how silly it had become. Also funny.

Had a really good laugh. Credits go to Jason Tan, who is one of the editors/animators of the intro video; Camille and Edzel for the dubbing; Lyle for directing and animating parts of the video. Pretty neat!

I heard about the contest a tad bit too late. *Ehem* Okay, I concede. I learned about the graphic/fiction contest some three weeks before the deadline for work submission. But as luck would have it, the contest deadline is this|close to Game! Magazine’s deadline. And in between finishing a long-awaited premier issue and a story-yet-to-be-written-and-drawn, I’d have to choose the former. I have no intention of getting fired for incompetency. Nope. Not yet.

I contented myself, though, with being a part of Fully Booked’s mailing list re contest. Tough competition, I thought, when I saw some 12-paged comic entries for the contest. Apart from the winning entry A Sad, Mad, Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl and other entries nominated for the People’s Choice award, I’ve only seen Why I Wake Up Late (which is astig, to put it succintly) and Some Things Are Better Left for Themselves. I intend to check them all.

Grabe. These short-listed comics would have swallowed my entry alive. *gulp*

Oh well.

Will wait for the second round. Must not miss it. And to end this post is another still from the video. Go Super Gaiman! Go!

Go Gaiman! Go!


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