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Champions!: UST wins UAAP Season 69 Finals basketball tournament vs Ateneo! Yay!

Quick post! (Edited)

Hear them roar!

The University of Santo Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers finally ended the 10-year championship drought and won the UAAP Season 69 Basketball tournament, 74-76, against the Ateneo De Manila University Blue Eagles at the deciding Game 3 match just this afternoon at the Araneta Coliseum.

The Loyola-based cagers dominated the first half of the game, until the Espana-based cagers finally managed to inch past the Eagles at 3rd quarter. The two teams tied at 64 at the last quarter and went into overtime. With around 12.5 seconds on the shot clock, Ateneo’s Chris Tiu committed a foul against the Tigers. Second stringer Dylan Ababou failed to nail the first attempt on the free throw line. His second attempt, however, finally gave the Tigers the lead, 75-74.

After JC Intal’s failed attempt to score for the Eagles, Eric Salamat fouled Jun Cortez at 3.7 seconds. Cortez buried the first shot and missed his second, giving the Tigers a two-point edge against the Eagles, 76-74. The Eagles grabbed the rebound but Jai Reyes’ attempt at a long shot missed the basket.

The Tigers were considered as underdogs of this year’s basketball season, carrying a not-so-sterling 7-6 card into the Finals. The Tigers created a huge upset during the elimination when they became the first team to halt the 8-0 winning streak of the Eagles.

Jojo Duncil of UST was given the UAAP Season 69 Finals MVP Award. He scored 8 out of his 18 points during the last three minutes in the overtime.

* Updates, corrections, comments would be very much welcome! I got the info from my dad who got to watch the game because I was in a seminar. Who scored the highest? What were the other highlights of the game? Another update would be posted after I watched the replay. 😀

* Go USTE! We, Thomasians, hoped; you guys delivered! Nice! You brought the glory of ’96 back to USTe in 2006 indeed! Congratulations to everyone on the team! Wish I was there to watch and cheer you on! ^^, You made us proud!

For a more detailed account on how Game 3 went, go to


We won! Ateneo vs UST UAAP Finals – Game 2

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A quick update:

I just got news that the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers finally grabbed a huge chunk off the Championship trophy! The UST Tigers won Game 2 of the 69th Season of the UAAP Basketball Finals, ending the match with a 87-71 score. Weeh! I am so happy!

Go USTe!!!

The Ateneo Blue Eagles won Game 1, 73-72, last September 23. The Tigers and Eagles are now tied with 1-1 card. Game 3 will surely be an interesting game.

Random Fact #1: This is the first time that ADMU and UST faced off in a UAAP Finals.

Random Fact #2: UST last won the title in 1996. Will it this year’s team bring the Glory of ’96 back to UST in 2006?

We, Thomasians, certainly hope so!

Full update next time! I’m just so happy that I had to post this! More info about Game 2 next time. Hahaha. See you in the Finals, guys! =)

Ateneo VS UST in the 2006 UAAP Finals? Finally!

Game 2 Update here and the Championship-Game 3 update here.

*   *   *

It’s been years.

We were Seniors in the university then when we had a Sports Journalism subject. Part of our exercises were to attend the games of the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers, cover their games and submit the story the next day. I love basketball. I love shouting at any sports game to root for my favored team. I don’t care if I get a sore throat the next day but, well, I’m that enthusiastic.

UST Growling Tigers. Obviously.
I swear, the barkada would have enjoyed attending much of those games if the Tigers had only won. Sadly, the last time that the Tigers had a place in the Final Four was still when we were freshmen (AY 01-02). It was such a hassle to go to Araneta Coliseum (in our uniforms, no less) or Rizal Coliseum and get back to Espana just in time for the next class. It was no joke.

And then finally, two years after I had graduated from the univ, my sis Karen told me that we made it to the Finals against the Ateneo Blue Eagles! Apparently, the Tigers had defeated the University of the East Warriors (whom I was told was a twice-to-beat team) Yay! We are so going to watch. Ha!

Random Fact: The Tigers were the first team to end the winning streak of the Blue Eagles this UAAP Season. w00t!

To all Thomasians who had unluckily stumbled on this post: see you there at the Araneta Coliseum!

I’ll edit this post when I finally research the current roster of our alma mater’s basketball team. That is, after I’ve finall finished practicing my “Go, USTe!” cheer.

Note: Congrats to the University of Santo Tomas Salinggawi Dance Troupe for winning the 5th time in UAAP Cheerdance Competition! You made us proud to be Thomasians here at Hinge! Ian Fegalan and Ren Berioso, classmates, I know you’re pretty darn happy of the legacy you left. I3UST.