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Why do you blog?

For all people who blog, maintain a MySpace, Friendster, or Multiply, don’t you ever wonder why this thing called virtual socializing clicks?

I did when I stumbled on this post.

I was tagsurfing and found The Politics of MySpace (Or What Social Networks are Really About) by Chartreuse (BETA)

This is a real gem–a short and an insightful entry on virtual socializing.


Comics: A vivid high school memory

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[opening music video] I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Death Cab for Cutie

A while ago, my highschool barkada Eric Bautista caught me on YM and asked if I had been busy lately.

Ooh. I had a hard time constructing my sentence then. … continue reading this entry.

A Newbie Blogger’s Guide to Posting Images in WordPress

My friend Stacey asked if I could help her on how to blog pictures in WordPress. We are both newbies with this blogsite and I’ve also encountered the same thing when I started blogging in WordPress. Then I’ve managed to kill enough time to tinker around with my Dashboard and found out a little about posting photos in WordPress.

First things first
Have a PhoBlog or a Photo Blog. and offers options for photo blogging. I’m not a Multiply user (yet) so I would do a “how to blog an image at WordPress” using Flickr; I’m more familiar with Flickr since that’s the one I’m currently using that for this site.

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard > Presentation > Several Widgets.
Drag the Flickr widget to the list of widgets that will appear on your blog.

… continue reading this entry.

Tattoo on My Mind: An Anecdote

Note: The post title is not meant to be Tattooed on My Mind (a song title). Yes, I know, bad pun.

Mico’s last comment at my entry The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance reminded me of my little tattoo story.

My barkada and I went to Intramuros one time when we were still in college. We decided to get henna tattoos on our wrists. I had mine at the right. When I got home, my dad saw it and freaked out. And I, being the obedient and guilt-striken teen that I was, decided to get rid of the henna in the fastest way possible: Scotch Brite.

Yup, Scotch Brite.

I used alcohol first in trying to remove the henna, then soap, then something else–but all to no avail. And then there was the Scotch Brite. It had seemed like a “brite” and sterling idea then to “clean the mess I got into”–so to speak.

So yeah, I Scotch Brite-d the henna tattoo on my wrist the same night I had it.

Yes, it was a big ouch. My wrist was stinging with little needle-prickling-the-skin-like pain–it was as if I scraped my wrist on the cement upon tripping. Ironically, the wound took after a very familiar pattern: that of my former henna tattoo. >:) Hehe.

Moral lesson of the story? Yes, we all do some stupid things sometimes on impulse. In the end, the only good thing about the consequences of the stupidity is that they make good anecdotes (either to remind yourself about the stupidity thus pushing yourself to grow up; or, to warn others of your stupidity).

*     *     *

Since we’re on the subject, I have seriously considered that if ever I’d have tattoo, the top three spots on my body would be:

(1) where the base of the neck meets the shoulder, right side
Design: the shape of a heart formed by having two cobras face each other (head to head, belly to belly). That, or this one.

(2) along the spine of my back
Design: preferably a skeleton of a thin snake

(3) around my upper arm, like a permanent armlet or around my leg near the ankle, like a permanent anklet
Design: three guesses about the design I have in mind. Heh.

So. Given tattooes any thought lately?

The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards intro video starring Neil Gaiman

Go Gaiman! Give us a wink!

The “god of pens” commented on the introduction video in his journal and said:

I should warn people, very silly, at a level that made me expect to look up and see Graham Chapman in Army uniform cautioning us about how silly it had become. Also funny.

Had a really good laugh. Credits go to Jason Tan, who is one of the editors/animators of the intro video; Camille and Edzel for the dubbing; Lyle for directing and animating parts of the video. Pretty neat!

I heard about the contest a tad bit too late. *Ehem* Okay, I concede. I learned about the graphic/fiction contest some three weeks before the deadline for work submission. But as luck would have it, the contest deadline is this|close to Game! Magazine’s deadline. And in between finishing a long-awaited premier issue and a story-yet-to-be-written-and-drawn, I’d have to choose the former. I have no intention of getting fired for incompetency. Nope. Not yet.

I contented myself, though, with being a part of Fully Booked’s mailing list re contest. Tough competition, I thought, when I saw some 12-paged comic entries for the contest. Apart from the winning entry A Sad, Mad, Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl and other entries nominated for the People’s Choice award, I’ve only seen Why I Wake Up Late (which is astig, to put it succintly) and Some Things Are Better Left for Themselves. I intend to check them all.

Grabe. These short-listed comics would have swallowed my entry alive. *gulp*

Oh well.

Will wait for the second round. Must not miss it. And to end this post is another still from the video. Go Super Gaiman! Go!

Go Gaiman! Go!


Oops. Can’t see the photos? Click here instead.