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Tattoo on my mind (again) and piercings

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Brandom Boyd of Incubus - his forearm tattoo showing during one of his performancesSexy. I dunno why but I really find people with tats rather sexy. Why they hold so much appeal to my eyes, I have yet to figure out. I’ve realized my fascination with guys who have tats on their forearms two Sundays ago. I almost pulled off a steathy-ninja stalk when three guys passed by; the one on the middle had a lovely dark tribal tat on his right forearm that went up to his upper arm. I wanted to drool for some reason and my eyes just can’t help but follow his movements. I wanted to poke the guy and ask if I could take a picture of the tat. Never knew that I had it in me: you know, the stalkerish train of thoughts.

But two things held me back: (1) My father dragged me inside a store which I couldn’t remember and (2) I can’t speak Korean. Or Mandarin. The guys were foreigners, that’s for sure.

Then I remembered another incident when I can’t tear off my eyes at a guy’s forearm. My cousin Jobert and I were about to change our money to peso when another group of guys fell in line and yep, the guy had a tat on his right forearm. Gah! I was surreptitiously stealing glances at the tat design when I noticed another thing: he had ear piercings. *waterfall of tears* Darn it. Another weakness.

Not many people can pull off the tattooed and pierced look so don’t think that I’d always drool at the sight of every guy that has a forearm tat. I rather have my standards. *Sigh.* … continue reading this entry.