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A Flicker of Hope

She wasn’t hurrying; she knew it was useless.

Her movements were calculated. In rhythm, like the usual. Step, step, step, step were the sounds of her feet as she trudged up the stairs. Flick, flick, flick, flick were the sounds of her thumb’s cuticle against the index’s; her eyes went blink, blink, blink, blink as she tried to see through the dark. Her ears strained to hear the sound of her heart.

It wasn’t the usual thump, thump, thump, thump.

She reached her destination–her room, her solace–which was currently in a state of mess. It was chaos in a state of chaos–dirty clothes, mismatched slippers, unmade bed, scattered papers. She reached for the switch to turn on the lights. Tick-Tick. Tick-Tick.

F*ck, the bulb’s out, she hissed as she flopped down her bed. Maybe it was a good thing, she thought. I don’t need to see something tangible to reflect my emotional rigoudon.

She hugged a pillow and clenched her eyes shut. “Lord, what’s happening?” she muttered in a desperate plea. She wanted answers. She wanted to choke out the growing lump on her throat. She wanted to cry.

She opened her eyes to look at herself at the mirror near the bed. She saw the infinite blackness that enveloped her room instead.


I came, I saw, I met: Up dharma Down at Megamall (and other stories)

Intense is the only adjective that I could think of as I remember Up dharma Down (UdD) perform live last August 5 at Burn Magazine’s mall tour. The event was hosted by Burn Magazine’s Production Coordinator Denise Mallabo and Events Manager of Hinge Inquirer Publications, Juno Limjap.

Up dharma Down performs at Megamall for the BURN Mall Tour

It was the first time that I saw them on stage and it took a great ounce of effort not to squeal like a rabid fan girl during their performance. Especially when they played Pag-Agos, Oo, Maybe, and Lazy Daisy. If you haven’t heard any of their songs yet (segue: why???), you can listen to them online at Pure Volume. Let’s support Pinoy music and the Pinoy magazine that supports them! Therefore, buy BURN! Hehe. >:)

*     *     * 

Pictures, pictures…

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Up dharma Down later, then Markus and the Electric Fan Boy tomorrow!

Here’s a quick post! Ean, Armi, Paul and Carlos

I prayed that I would not be sick today, just so I could watch Up dharma Down at Megamall–an event by BURN Magazine, the music mag from Hinge Inquirer Publications. I had a slight fever yesterday and I woke up this morning still feeling a little off. But no, sick or not, I’m off to Megamall to finally hear them perform live. >:) I shall post the lryics of Pag-Agos, Maybe, and Oo soon.

*     *    * 

Hmm. I finally found a name for this character who has been lingering on my mind since summer of last year: Markus. I’ve thought about this story when the office of the company I am working for was still in Cityland Herrera Tower. The walls of our office is painted bright orange. Yes, bright orange. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to nod my head off while working.

After I’ve posted Stella: Version 1.1, Markus’ character grunted at me and poked me with a walking stick, saying it was now his turn. So tomorrow, I’ll be posting another new story: Markus and the Electric Fan Boy

Electric Fan BoyPrologue preview: Markus is a newly-grad who just got hired at a publishing company as a graphic artist. He’s often silent, speaking only when needed. But when he has something to say–it was brutally honest that people veer away from his serious demeanor. But then he senses something odd about his workplace: he always felt watched–extremely watched–by none other than a vintage electric fan. Seriousness will be a far-fetched notion thereafter.

The First Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards intro video starring Neil Gaiman

Go Gaiman! Give us a wink!

The “god of pens” commented on the introduction video in his journal and said:

I should warn people, very silly, at a level that made me expect to look up and see Graham Chapman in Army uniform cautioning us about how silly it had become. Also funny.

Had a really good laugh. Credits go to Jason Tan, who is one of the editors/animators of the intro video; Camille and Edzel for the dubbing; Lyle for directing and animating parts of the video. Pretty neat!

I heard about the contest a tad bit too late. *Ehem* Okay, I concede. I learned about the graphic/fiction contest some three weeks before the deadline for work submission. But as luck would have it, the contest deadline is this|close to Game! Magazine’s deadline. And in between finishing a long-awaited premier issue and a story-yet-to-be-written-and-drawn, I’d have to choose the former. I have no intention of getting fired for incompetency. Nope. Not yet.

I contented myself, though, with being a part of Fully Booked’s mailing list re contest. Tough competition, I thought, when I saw some 12-paged comic entries for the contest. Apart from the winning entry A Sad, Mad, Incredible But True Adventures of Hika Girl and other entries nominated for the People’s Choice award, I’ve only seen Why I Wake Up Late (which is astig, to put it succintly) and Some Things Are Better Left for Themselves. I intend to check them all.

Grabe. These short-listed comics would have swallowed my entry alive. *gulp*

Oh well.

Will wait for the second round. Must not miss it. And to end this post is another still from the video. Go Super Gaiman! Go!

Go Gaiman! Go!


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Stella: Version 1.1

It’s easy to understand why the cat has eclipsed the dog as modern America’s favorite pet. People like pets to possess the same qualities they do. Cats are irresponsible and recognize no authority, yet are completely dependent on others for their material needs. Cats cannot be made to do anything useful. Cats are mean for the fun of it.
— P.J. O’Rourke

*     *     *

“Marga, get me coffee. Homp, you stupid dog! What is that? You call that monitoring? Call Dein and tell him to fix the bug. And you—yes, you four-eyed freak—didn’t I give you the f*cking budget to upgrade the lenses? What are you muttering about? I don’t freaking care if you’re insulted that I called you four eyes. I don’t have the time to count how many eyes you have behind those nerdy glasses of yours—wait, you’re getting me off track. You and Dein—where the hell is my coffee?—fix the lenses and the position of the bug! If I lose sight of the dummy again, I swear I’ll poke each of your eyes out. Where the hell is my coffee?!”

*     *     *

“Turn off the lights, I’m still sleepy,” Stella muttered.

She received no response except for a loud meow. Stella buried her face further into her soft pillow as she bit back a curse. What, since her Uncle Tots couldn’t wake her, he suddenly decided to sic a cat on her? Dumb trick.

“Get up, lazy. Your uncle has gone somewhere for a while and had left you under my care.”

The voice was low. Unfamiliar. Had a steely, authoritative edge. Stella’s hand crept under her pillow for her ruler. She sat up in her bed, her 12-inch transparent ruler pointing at the direction of where the voice had come from, her eyes barely open, her mouth still parched and smelled like cheeseburger dinner she had from Jollibee yesterday. “Who are you?” she asked groggily.

Again, no response. Stella blinked rapidly and refocused her sight. All she saw was a thin, gray cat licking its paw, silver-grey eyes staring at her in boredom. “What, never seen a talking cat before?”

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Morning Greeting

The ceiling welcomed my sight each time I opened my eyes. I am not an early riser but I managed to get up early today. I needed to catch the first bus this morning to see my folks.

I groaned and stared hard at the ceiling. Until that moment, it had never occured to me that the once smooth and clear ceiling of my bedroom apartment is now parched, cracked at the center and had taken after the color of burnt bond paper.

A feeling of discontentment swept over my system: it reminded me too much of a relationship that once was–fading and deteriorating. After that moment of epiphany, I decided to go back to sleep.

I could always take the next bus.

Edit (08142006): After bloghopping, I found my friend’s entry, Waiting for a Ride. Seems like a fitting continuation to this entry from another person’s perspective.