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A Newbie Blogger’s Guide to Posting Images in WordPress

My friend Stacey asked if I could help her on how to blog pictures in WordPress. We are both newbies with this blogsite and I’ve also encountered the same thing when I started blogging in WordPress. Then I’ve managed to kill enough time to tinker around with my Dashboard and found out a little about posting photos in WordPress.

First things first
Have a PhoBlog or a Photo Blog. and offers options for photo blogging. I’m not a Multiply user (yet) so I would do a “how to blog an image at WordPress” using Flickr; I’m more familiar with Flickr since that’s the one I’m currently using that for this site.

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard > Presentation > Several Widgets.
Drag the Flickr widget to the list of widgets that will appear on your blog.

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