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Splurging Part II – Movies

For some unfathomable reason, my father dragged me out to bed before the clock hit noon last Sunday so we could go have lunch at a mall. It proved to be a very drastic day for my thinning wallet. I’m actually starting to get worried: am I starting to vent out my so-called angst and frustation on *gasp* shopping?

Let me enlighten you a bit. Some days ago, I was kind of sick (no–I had been sick and I still am sick with the last remnants of the coughs). Was so bummed out of my wits that I had to buy several items: seven books (three of which I haven’t finished yet, but managed to browse from time to time) and a couple of new albums just to, well, appease myself. Lift my spirits.

And now that I’m having a little “I’m-so-not-in-the-mood-that-I-want-to-be-bitchy-but-wouldn’t-because-that-would-be-really-mean-and-I-know-I’m-not-mean-so-that-leaves-me-with-a-freakin-conversation-with-myself-and-I-had-to-really-stop-doing-that-because-I’d-look-really-weird-even-though-I’m-really-weird-yet-wouldn’t-really-want-to-broadcast-said-weirdness-to-the-www-which-still-leaves-me-talking-to-self-and-I-want-to-stop-it-ahh!-how-about-doing-something-that-is-so-unMitch-like-taking-supposedly-existent-saladforabrain-off-problems-so-how-about-we-try—” [this is where you insert something random]

Shopping. Second time in a row. I splurged. Ack. I first bought really cheesy movies (fits the mood of my parallel self): Drive Me Crazy (1999) starring Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier. Took Two Weeks Notice (2002) starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock off the rack next. Grabbed The Replacements (2000) starring Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves next and promptly paid for the three at the cashier. I was about to go out the store when my eyes caught some oldie movies near the door and my eyes landed on The Breakfast Club (1985) starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Anthony Hall, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy; my dad was reading Saturday Night Fever‘s (1977) precis, so I promptly grabbed said movie from his hands and headed for the cashier again.

I watched four movies that night (all of which I thoroughly enjoyed; yeah, it’s a little pity party with myself, some Fita biscuits and a tomato–but for the first time in that week, I either “awww-ed” or laughed out loud alone.) I was saving Saturday Night Fever for next Saturday. Yeah, it’s so cornballs to do so, I know. So what?

Point is, they weren’t in my plans. I even bought Games Master Philippines’ last issue (Collector’s Item, by the way–cuz, yup, it’s gonna be their last issue…)

Again, they weren’t in my plans. Just like all the bracelets I have in my room. Or the notebooks that gather years of dust before I decide to use them for my rants. I never noticed it before, and the only question running through my head is why I haven’t noticed it before. I’ve thought of them as little, sinless indulgences but seriously, it’s gonna cost me something in the future.

Or maybe I’m just being hard on myself because I really hardly buy myself anything unless needed? Is that why I might be feeling a little guilty because I sort of “bought myself some happiness?”

Hay. Kay simple-simple, pinapakomplika. Kung pwede lang talaga itulog, itutulog ko na. Kung pwede nga lang.