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Online Rumble: Game! Magazine September-October 2006 Issue out now!

Game! Magazine Issue 5: Online Rumble

 The September-October 2006 issue of Game! Magazine packs a lot of punch with the Online Rumble theme!

RAN OnlineNuri and Hana of Pangya

On our Walkthrough section, we have the RAN Online Episode 2: Revelations Checklist on quests, new monsters and new skills to be learned; Pangya‘s hole-by-hole guide on Sepia Wind; and a guide to Tantra‘s newest patch, Kathana 3: Epics of Avatara.

Epics of Avatara - the opening page at Game Magazine Issue 4Also previewed are online and PC games soon to hit the web and stands: Cabal Online, Huxley and Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar. Know the basics in buying a house in our Feature story “In There and Loving It!”

Hot on the Spotlight are RF Online Class Guide, ROSE Online Gamer’s Diary and Dreamville.

Edward and Alphonse of Fullmetal AlchemistFull feature also on the world-famous animé Fullmetal Alchemist and the games based on it. Turn to our Window Shopping section and learn how to spruce up your characters in Gunbound World Champion while on the budget. Know the items and accessories that you’d need to tame Ragnarok pets with our guide!

Console and handheld reviews galore on this issue: Big Brain Academy, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Super Dragon Ball Z, Titan Quest, Prey, Tekken: Dark Ressurection and several more!

For only 80 bucks, you get a free FlyFF V6: The Ascencion installer CD and poster!

Word up, guys! I got some articles published there. Thank you so much!