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The Rantings of EVA: Nothing to rant, so much to rave about

“Still Holding On” and “Infrared” by The Rantings of EVA have recently made it to the top 10 in charts in the Alternative Rock genre of, a site where music lovers can hang out, listen and review songs at the same time.

I recently stumbled upon this site and moi, eager to explore new sounds, promptly created my account (search for me, I’m seventhmichiko!)

The Rantings of EVA is from Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from that meager fact, I know nothing about them yet. I like Still Holding On than Infrared at the moment, and this line just keeps floating about my head: “I’m still holding on / To everything’s that gone.”

I need their lyrics and I can’t find any yet… I guess I’ll just have to listen to it more. Sigh. Help?