The Site.
L. for “in the middle of something;” in between the sequence of events–at the crucial moment, at the heart of the story. This is the take of a twenty-one year old editorial assistant caught in the hodge-podge world of music, gaming, fiction, inner geekiness, tech, musings, sports, nature, history, arts and relationships.

The Author.
Mitch Baylosis is 21 years old. She grew up in Balayan, Batangas, surrounded by mango trees, carabaos and hectares of sugarcane fields.

She prefers sunsets to sunrises, and night skies to blue skies, the stars to moon. She’s in love with nature and fervently hopes that she was a forest nymph in the past.

She is a child at dawn, an editorial assistant by day, a huntress at dusk, and a vampire for information at night. 


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