Mobile Pilipinas 2006: Wireless Possibilities; might Anne Curtis at ATC also be a possibility?

Mobile Philippines, the magazine formerly known as m|ph, (I love saying that!) is holding another great gadget tradeshow! Drool over the latest cellphones, laptops, accessories. Learn from the seminars! Go mingle with the stars!

Anne Curtis graced the first issue of the shrunk Mobile Philippines magazine

Random Fact: Mobile Pilipinas 2005 was considered as the official launch of Mobile, then known as m|ph. It was Sarah Meier who last graced the cover of the mag and she made an appearance at the event. If our magazine was considered as the largest tech mag ever then, I’ll bet you’d scratch off the thought if you’d seen how… gargantuan the tarp had been.

The next Mobile Pilipinas (2006), we had the four rockin’ ladies of the local music scene: Lougee of Mojofly, Aia of Imago, Hannah of Session Road, and Juris of MYMP. All but Juris arrived at the event to perform.

So… will Anne Curtis grace this year’s event? Hmm. Why don’t YOU find out for yourself? Hehe. Read on…

The annual gadget (lust) tradeshow is this coming October 13 to 15 2006 at the Alabang Town Center titled Mobile Pilipinas 2006: Wireless Possibilities! Join us with your friends and family and tinker around with the latest portable gadgets available in the market. There will be several first time launch gadgets in this tradeshow as well as huge interaction with the country’s biggest portable tech user groups. So bring a camera, a smile on your face and your portable computers because we’ll also be offering wireless access in the area!

For bloggers, there will be a lot of opportunities for linking up as well as having bloggable items in the topics of technology.

Secondly, we would really appreciate your help if you could link to our PR located here:

We really hope to see you all next week! The event will be hosted by our editors Jayvee Fernandez and Adel Gabot so please support us!

Fast Fact: Did you know that the exact size of the poster-big Mobile Philippines then was 11 x 17? Or that the September-October Issue of Mobile Philippines has shrunk back to 8.5 x 11 and has one of the lead actresses of Maging Sino Ka Man‘s (ABSCBN) Anne Curtis as cover? Well, now you do. So what are you still doing reading this? Go, buy now!

Mobile Philippines, Game! Magazine, PC Magazine Philippines are the widely read tech magazine offerings by Hinge Inquirer Publications.



  1. KV Said:

    Sis! Are you going to be there? I’m checking if Mark and I can pass by Town next weekend so you can all meet him 😀

  2. aza Said:

    i just hope it won’t rain! i miss you mitch! will you be there?

  3. kal Said:

    sis, can you send me a copy of the ish? client ko maging sino ka man e!

  4. Michiko Said:

    @ KV: Yeah, gonna be there! =) Haha, go bring Mark over. Magdadala ba ako ng grading sheet? 😀

    @ Aza: Aww >D

  5. KV Said:

    Yaaay! See you then! Yup yup, bring your grading sheet 😉 But I’m confident he’ll do well 😀

    Sis, kulang ng isang year yung dates mo. m|ph was launched in 2004 pa 🙂

  6. fallen angel Said:

    Wow small is really beautiful especially when Anne Curtis is on the cover. Hey can you send me a copy of this magazine? I’m having a hard time finding it here. I would really appreciate it if you could give me a copy soon. 😀


  7. Martin C. Said:

    I don’t know. Had a weird experience with Anne Curtis way back in high school; and besides, I find that I like Camille Pratts.

    Ok, I’m not making sense here. Gah.

  8. Brian Said:

    Speaking of small, is there a small girl working there? Is it her idea to put Anne Curtis? Maybe Heart is better or maybe not. 😀

  9. Toni Said:

    Time to blog again Mitch 😛

  10. A great read, very informative
    Been looking for a blog like this one for a while
    Keep up the good work.


  11. Aiza Said:

    c’mon girl, go back to writing. i miss reading your stuff!

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