Tattoo on my mind (again) and piercings

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Brandom Boyd of Incubus - his forearm tattoo showing during one of his performancesSexy. I dunno why but I really find people with tats rather sexy. Why they hold so much appeal to my eyes, I have yet to figure out. I’ve realized my fascination with guys who have tats on their forearms two Sundays ago. I almost pulled off a steathy-ninja stalk when three guys passed by; the one on the middle had a lovely dark tribal tat on his right forearm that went up to his upper arm. I wanted to drool for some reason and my eyes just can’t help but follow his movements. I wanted to poke the guy and ask if I could take a picture of the tat. Never knew that I had it in me: you know, the stalkerish train of thoughts.

But two things held me back: (1) My father dragged me inside a store which I couldn’t remember and (2) I can’t speak Korean. Or Mandarin. The guys were foreigners, that’s for sure.

Then I remembered another incident when I can’t tear off my eyes at a guy’s forearm. My cousin Jobert and I were about to change our money to peso when another group of guys fell in line and yep, the guy had a tat on his right forearm. Gah! I was surreptitiously stealing glances at the tat design when I noticed another thing: he had ear piercings. *waterfall of tears* Darn it. Another weakness.

Not many people can pull off the tattooed and pierced look so don’t think that I’d always drool at the sight of every guy that has a forearm tat. I rather have my standards. *Sigh.* Lean, tall, neat-looking, fair-skinned guys with a neat tribal/animal tattoo/s on their foreams usually catch my eye (this is meant as a warning: don’t come near me or I’ll bug the heck out of you). And really, R-U-N away from me for those who fits the description. Most especially for those who got ear and tongue piercings. And lip rings.

Ack. What’s with tats, piercing and me lately?

One sleepless night, I doodled tribal tat designs. Not contented on seeing them on paper, I started to draw on myself using a purple metallic gel pen. I think it’s safe and it comes off easily once I wash it with soap and water; I wouldn’t have to “scotchbrite” my wrist again hehe.

I created four designs: one for the wrist, two on my thighs on the right, and one on my left thigh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a decent tat on my neck and I can’t possibly tat myself on the back. Then when I was about to draw near my ankles… I conveniently ran out of ink. 😐

I would upload the designs I made after I’ve downloaded it from my phone.

Top Three Areas for piercings:
1. Lips. Prolly a lip ring near the left corner of my mouth.
2. Ears. Two on my left.
3. Navel. I have two navels so I guess I’ll have one on each. D’oh. *cough N. Joaquin* Kidding.

I wonder if it was just I who has this fascination with a forearm tat on others… *heavy sigh*

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  1. denice Said:

    ha! is that spam comment?!

    😀 as they say, our greatest attraction is ourselves. We would always like someone who has that something that we love about ourselves, or someone with a characteristic we wish we have ourselves.

    tsk… tsk… suddenly, more guys will be wearing forearm tattoos and lip rings…

  2. Michiko Said:

    I have been terribly spammed. Graaa! Now I spent some precious moments just erasing those spams.

    “someone with a characteristic we wish we have ourselves.”

    Maybe you’re right. =)

  3. kal Said:

    i love brandon boyd.. can i just have him for myself please? lolz.

  4. Xtina Said:

    tattoos are heaven. 🙂 if you consider, you can have yours done here in cebu. we have great artists here. lol.

  5. piercer Said:

    tattoos are great… but one always not enough… 🙂

  6. Caroline Said:

    Got the same bug, and the same fascination. Two tunnel piercings in my ears and a Celtic tat round my ankle and still not done……AAAAH Bliss

  7. hey,

    i have three tattos:
    1. red tribal bands on my wrist end of forearm
    2. back letter “three sixty”
    and tribal symbol on my right hip.

    and my toungue pierced.

    its nice to read this blog as a guy with the aforementioned details.
    i dont know about others, but i was always a little self conscious bout peoples views of tattoos and especialy my toungue, its not very popular where i live to have your tonugue pierced as a straight guy, so i get alot of hassle from that.

    so thanks for airing your views.

    Liverpool, UK

  8. Britt Said:

    Hey i think its cool i have 2 guy friends who are straight that have their tongues pierced mostly they just like to show it off and rub it in that they got to get it done and i cant but i think its whatever you want dont listen to what people say just be yourself and set your own trends

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