Ateneo VS UST in the 2006 UAAP Finals? Finally!

Game 2 Update here and the Championship-Game 3 update here.

*   *   *

It’s been years.

We were Seniors in the university then when we had a Sports Journalism subject. Part of our exercises were to attend the games of the University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers, cover their games and submit the story the next day. I love basketball. I love shouting at any sports game to root for my favored team. I don’t care if I get a sore throat the next day but, well, I’m that enthusiastic.

UST Growling Tigers. Obviously.
I swear, the barkada would have enjoyed attending much of those games if the Tigers had only won. Sadly, the last time that the Tigers had a place in the Final Four was still when we were freshmen (AY 01-02). It was such a hassle to go to Araneta Coliseum (in our uniforms, no less) or Rizal Coliseum and get back to Espana just in time for the next class. It was no joke.

And then finally, two years after I had graduated from the univ, my sis Karen told me that we made it to the Finals against the Ateneo Blue Eagles! Apparently, the Tigers had defeated the University of the East Warriors (whom I was told was a twice-to-beat team) Yay! We are so going to watch. Ha!

Random Fact: The Tigers were the first team to end the winning streak of the Blue Eagles this UAAP Season. w00t!

To all Thomasians who had unluckily stumbled on this post: see you there at the Araneta Coliseum!

I’ll edit this post when I finally research the current roster of our alma mater’s basketball team. That is, after I’ve finall finished practicing my “Go, USTe!” cheer.

Note: Congrats to the University of Santo Tomas Salinggawi Dance Troupe for winning the 5th time in UAAP Cheerdance Competition! You made us proud to be Thomasians here at Hinge! Ian Fegalan and Ren Berioso, classmates, I know you’re pretty darn happy of the legacy you left. I3UST.




  1. KV Said:

    Sis, are you watching this Saturday? Mark and I might go, if we can get tickets that is 🙂 UST siya remember?

  2. Monix Said:

    sis 😦 this is so bad news… no tickets already, as of yesterday night, after that fateful win against the Red Warriors! 🙂

    but Ticketnet is planning to release SRO and GEN AD tickets on Sunday… so goodluck!

    Go uste! Go Uste! Go Go Go Go! 🙂 🙂

  3. ryan Said:

    nKA tSamBa LaNg mGa tAgA uSTe!!! UE RED WARRIORS!!!

  4. Hazel Anne Said:

    GO USTE! roar! Im a journalism student too.. but we’re not told to do an article about (not that she said we dont have…we just didnt met our teacher this week)haha!

    But Im still gonna watch the game!


  5. abet Said:

    Still remember the 34-point blowout win of the blue eagles over the UST crying tigers? i mean growling tigers. This is a moro-moro finals… haha! There’s no way the tigers can beat the number one team. Go ateneo!

  6. Angela Said:

    your so mayabang…..even ateneo have defeated us in that game, there is still a big chance for the Thomasian to win, we have faith in our players and don’t understimate us….

  7. Angela Said:

    under estimate us rather

  8. atenista! Said:

    ateneo won!!! woooohoooo!!! nice game though. 🙂 see you on thursday! 🙂

  9. tomasina Said:

    yah…lets see how silvester eats tweety bird ^^

  10. michiko Said:

    Haha. Glad that entry stimulated a rather… nice thread.

    I have to say that it was one of the nicest games i’ve seen lately. I’m glad that the Tigers got out of that leniency thing that I’ve observed when i was in college. It was the first time for the batch yesterday to fight in the Finals. It was apparent, though, that the Tigers enjoyed the game. Galing! Tie at the 2nd quarter! Tie at the 3rd quarter!

    Never actually thought that the Tigers would pull off that kind of play–even holding the Eagles defenses at bay. Not that I have doubts, but I just never expected that kind of fierce play from them. Jervy Cruz and Anthony Espirity were wonderful.

    Pero grabe… at 4.3 seconds, we Tigers managed to get ahead of the Eagles by a point.

    But then there’s that one-second shot. I have to shake Norman Black’s hands if I ever get a chance. The man was so calm. (Sa mga Tigers–wag niyo kong lamunin for praising the other team’s coach; It’s not so bad to recognize your opponent’s advantages! Hehe)

    Go USTE!!! Next game aten! hehe

  11. KV Said:

    I have to agree with you, sis. That was a great last-second play by Ateneo’s coach. The entire game kept me at the edge of my seat! THAT was basketball 🙂

  12. wilj maronilla Said:

    I would have wanted to watch Game 1 live but due to some unfortunate turn of events i couldn’t make it so i just had to content myself watching the replay on tv. Let’s face it, both Ateneo and UST are talented and are hungry for a title but I think what really makes the difference down the stretch is the team with poise, discipline and maturity and this is what the “old black magic” has done to the blue eagles. So to those who root fore UST… Better luck next season because Ateneo has got this one in the bag baby !!! One BIg Fight!!!

  13. ton-ton Said:

    nice game ha! tapos na ang series sa thursday!
    bawi na lang kayo next sesson.

  14. ton-ton Said:

    i thoght they were the growling tigers but why they became crying tigers. pano nangyari un?
    well ganyan talaga naka sesson ang mga aguila!
    and just make a clarification
    d pa natalo ni sylvester si tweety bird
    he’s always a losser.

  15. kal Said:

    you win one game.
    you break one game.
    but you’ll never break our spirit.

    admit how hard it obviously was for ateneo’s veteran coach and players to tackle’em rookie coach and players.

    experience may be on your side birds, but the sun is always yellow =)

  16. mike guibani Said:

    go uste!!nktsamba lng TAENEO!!ay ateneo pla..haha..bawi tau s thursday!!tpos champion n uste!!

  17. ton-ton Said:

    asa pa kayo!
    pasalamat na nga kayo dhil umabot kayo sa finals
    un ay dahil di naglaro si borboran ng UE
    kung naglaro lng un tsak nasa classroom na kayo at ngaaral
    di bale may next sesson pa naman
    baka sakaling makatsamba ulit kayo. GO ATENEO

  18. ton-ton Said:

    kaya pla d na naglaro si bonbon costodio nung final 4 against UE
    dahil binayaran siya at sinuhulan ng UST na 450k, condo unit, & car. Ganon na ba kadesperado ang UST para gawin un?
    ngayon nyo sabihin na we cannot break your spirit eh kayo mismo sumira ng sinasabi niyong spirit!! (kung meron man talaga)
    Pero mabilis talaga ang karma no. look at what happen in game 1 panalo na sana pero nasilat pa. kung tutuusin wala ng chance ang ATENEO pero as they says CHEATERS NEVER WINS!!!
    do i make my self clear???

  19. ten ten Said:

    taga ateneo ka nga ba talaga tonton? dapat ata sa yo pang the buzz ka na lang at ang cheap ng mga parata mo. anyway alam naman naming mas pressured kayo na manalo, di tulad namin na we just enjoy the game. iyak? kayo nga pati mga fans niyo umiiyak na at lahat ng santo ata tinawagan na. sinagot lang nga kayo ng demonyo. so tonton, magbago ka na at peke ka naman! one big fight, one big fight ka pa diyan!!!!
    maging sport ka na lang at wag ka ng mga comment ng mga nega at mukha kang kaawa awa.;-(

  20. ten ten Said:

    ganda nung opening game nung sunday, both side showed sportmanship, lalo na nung nagkatabi ang flag bearer ng isang team with the other team. hope, laging ganito ang mga laban. at the end of the day, laro lang naman ito.
    at magiging magkakampi naman tayong mga uaap versus the ncaa exhibition game.

  21. ton-ton Said:

    just wait the news you cheappy!
    alam nyo na wala kayong laban
    crying tigers

  22. Michiko Said:

    This is sad. I would have thought that you guys, coming from two prestigious universities in the country, would go down to the level of accusing each other things that don’t have sufficient evidence. Admit it, people, you’ve become too lax in the use of blogs. This entry–which eventually spurned a thread–is not meant to scorn each other’s side. It is a common misunderstanding for anyone who owns a blog to use it “just as some sort of ‘diary’ for anyone to read.”

    Let’s just say that blogs are somewhat the new “print media”–bear in mind that what you post here should be responsibly thought of. I appreciate the attention given to the entry, but I would rather not tolerate the misbehavior of spurning people whom you haven’t met yet because of one petty issue. All people have sides to take–but there is a thing called diplomacy. And politeness. And, of course, respect.

    I’ve played sports–a team sports–and we certainly do not throw dirt at the other team’s sports just to feel good about ourselves. It’s nice to see that people feel strongly for their teams, but do not go as low as hitting below the belt. Remember that each of you are carrying your school’s names. You aren’t speaking for yourself here, you are actually speaking in behalf of your school’s name. Please consider those who have abused this thread as chastised.


  23. Animo Ateneo Said:

    I agree with you Michiko. Please forgive THOSE people here making such comments. As for you Ton ton, shame on you! This is NOT the Ateneo way! Let’s NOT stoop down to the levels of the green by adding insult to serious injury. It was indeed a good game by both teams and it could have gone either way. Great game UST! Ateneo will always have respect for your educational institution.

  24. Animo Ateneo Said:

    Although, after having read his posts, i’m not even sure if he’s really from Ateneo. His english is off, that’s for sure. Kindly refrain from making such posts expressing your aversion for UST. Please DO NOT tarnish The Ateneo community.


  25. bes Said:

    we—ll… that was interesting.^^

    i remember freshman year when the kabirds are addicted to basketball. yes. we were the tiger groupies. not that it helped that we shared the building with the majority of the basketball team, and that most of them were cute, so stalking them was waaaay easy.

    yes. I am not an avid sports fan. I stay away from anything that would require me to run out of breath (except maybe rock concerts and smoking). but my stint as a Tiger varsity-stalker instilled in me a fierce loyalty to my school. I spent many great and wonderful memories there. That loyalty showed me how lucky I was that I was studying in a premiere university, one that is recognized in the whole world, one that when pronounced, actually means something. One that, besides being full of incredibly beautiful people, is also home to the most decent and the most interesting people I know. And believe me, I KNOW a lot of people.

    It doesnt mean that I cannot be pessimistic either. i cannot help but wonder if we would have reached final four if Lasalle played. They were a though opponent, and honestly, i enjoyed the rivalry against the Archers more. Eagles are our friends (well, except for that ignorant poser out there.) but the Archers… let’s just say I loved the fact that we were on diff sides of the stadium. Cheering has always been our strong point, not basketball, and my, did we cheer.^^

  26. kal Said:

    onga, sumasablay sa english. but ganun yung ton ton na taga-ateneo? nehoo, den, let’s not forget, taga-la salle po ako ngayon.. haha! at i have a bit of animo burning. hahahaha!

    at tama, am actually friends with ateneans – a lot of them actually – so… di ko gets bakit may ganun. at kamusta nga naman yung 450k na bayad, condo etc… in fairness, ang yaman ng uste! at kawawa naman yung player ng ue, natsitsismis na natatapatan pala ang karangalan niya – now i don’t know who ton ton wants to really put shame on, ust or the guy from ue.

    pagdadasal na lang kita! =) kaka-berdey ko lang naman e, baka marinig ni Lord prayers ko! =) tee-hee!

  27. denice Said:

    hey i love lasalle!;p i dont root for them, but i dont really consider a win very sweet if its not against a fierce rival. not that im undermining ateneo, it’s just that the rivalry is just not that burning.;p

    kreng, bi ka pala e!;p heehee. hambyberdi. san tayo? sanay na ko uminom ng umaga…;p

  28. erock Said:

    That was a GREAT game! hats off to norman black for a well executed play. It just boiled down to coaching expeience, both teams wanted the win. I hope that USTe would win the game on Oct 2. so it would eventually lead to sudden death! At last GLORY YEARS are here again for USTe! its about time. GO USTe!!!

  29. mitz Said:

    hey guys. you know what tama si ton-ton sa mga statement niya.
    taga UE ako at alam ko na totoo ung mga sinabi nung guy. In fact kick out na ung player na pinaratangan niya sa skul namin.
    kala ko tuwing eleksyon lng may suhulan.

  30. erock Said:

    yah ryt. i think this is not a U.E. thread my dear. enough sour graping. better luck next time

  31. zirgy Said:

    Basta Go Uste!!
    Comment lang sa bayaran na snasbi, hindi po ganun kayaman ang ust pra manuhol. they’d rather use the money pra sa mga players noh.
    There was an intrview b4 with Coach Aric Del Rosario sa Varsitarian na nhhrapan pa nga magscout ng new players ang Ust kc free dorm and allowance lng ang kaya ibgy ng school kaya mas pinipili nung iba na magplay for other schools na lng.

    Go Uste!!! Excited na ko Game2!!! Thomasians aten to!

  32. Michiko Said:

    Woooot! UST won Game 2!!! Hehe quick update here Yay!

  33. michael uy Said:

    congrats to ust! yey!

  34. tomasino Said:

    God bless to both teams!
    judgement day 2mro!!


    sna maganda kalabsan ng game.. =)

  35. P Said:

    GO ATENEO! Win or lose, we’re still THE BEST in so many ways! 😛

    Peace! 😀

  36. jeanne Said:

    GO USTE! nuod kme mya! bring back d glory years….

    ang galing ni dylan!!!!!

  37. effderck Said:

    wowie. this has turned out to be blockbuster eh? ever noticed how civil everyone is despite the intensity of the games? yep, there were instances of hard fouls, but then again, not one of the players were, well, too rowdy. this is how college games should look and feel. intense, exciting, and educated. the conduct of the fans are something as well. heart and souls cheering. but so far violent fanatics aren’t evident yet. i guess we do come from good schools.

    games three is today, and my kids are gonna be watching. too bad i have work, it would have been nice to relive the glory days of the past decade.

    however it turns out, my hats off to both teams for a wonderful series. and if ever ATENEO wins, no one can doubt how much heart and spirit, the undermanned underdog UST TIGERS had.

    GO USTE!

    btw. i agree with Animo Ateneo. the guy is probably not from katipunan. his faculty of the language is abominable to say the least.

  38. ceejay Said:

    tatapos na ng ust after 10year came back the title GO USTE!!!!!

  39. ceejay Said:

    tatapos na ng ust after 10year came back the titel GO USTE!!!

  40. brenan roldan Said:

    para 2 sa mga university ng mga skul titirahin ko kau kht everyday mga sexy bitches na mga ust ateneo adamson ue samn smama sa vergon hangang gabi at umaga titirahin nmn kau kala nyo sino kayong santa at nagaaral sa mga university parang nmn kau mga puta nag papakantot sa tabibi d2 kau sa vergon ilang ilang pmnta laspinas titirahin nmn kau hangang gabi at umaga masarap na kantutan na 2 mga squter university mother fucker!!!!!

  41. fanatic uaap gal Said:

    I am always the kind of person who wants to be involved in so many things especially UAAP. I was always on the watch out if UST made it even if I am now working. I am so grateful that thru the years, UST have managed to get in the semis. It’s been a long wait but a splendid wait. I watched the first game in Araneta and it was eery to have lost for just a heart beat. But what I liked about the whole thing is UST was respectful enough to give Ateneo a round of applause that they deserved. I heard that this is not the case in the other college basketball games. They mentioned that they are bombarded with flying bad fingers, curses and all the things that I don’t want to happen in UAAP.

    I am so sad that I wasn’t able watch the second game because of the f***** brownout! But as I thought it will be, Ababou was at his ultimate (after being fouled out at the first game). And of course credit will also be given to the rest of the team. They were marvelous!

    I had crazy cute arguments with my uncle and aunts who studed at Ateneo and they blamed Jinggoy kaya daw natalo kasi nanood. Which is good because even after losing, humor is still there.

    And today. The final game. I am scared but I learned to stay calm and glamorous though very much tensed.

    I think I would like to send everyone a signal that we don’t have to bash schools because of something like UAAP. It’s indeed a big event but do we have to hurt people’s ego to endorse your love of school? I mean we’re all educated people here, right?

    Kaya ang motto ko, win or lose basta with glamour.

    Go USTE! and all the best for Ateneo of course.Ü

  42. kookai Said:

    Go USTE!!!! Go Go Go!! Go fight! Go! Go!! Kaya nyo yan!!!! Good luck!!!!!

  43. kookai Said:

    Go! USTe
    Black Gold,
    Black White!
    Go! Go! Go! USTe!

  44. baste Said:

    Go Go Go Ginebra GIn Kings

  45. mitz Said:


  46. Jigolo Said:

    Hats off to both Ateneo and UST. You made a very interesting series and both teams showed sportsmanship and dedication to the game we all love. Whoever wins the series doesn’t matter. Both of you are winners. Congratulations also to the San Beda Red Lions. Kailan kaya ang Mapua Cardinals namin? =)

  47. fanatic uaap gal Said:

    yey..panalo uste!!!!

  48. babyboo Said:

    congratulations to the growling tigers! you made us all proud!

    they actually relived 96 at season 69! yey!

    congrats to ateneo too. it was a close fight. great game. 🙂

  49. Michiko Said:

    Waaah! Makes me wanna go back to being a college student at USTe!

    To all CIVILIZED people who left a comment here, thank you so much for the enthusiasm! It was fun sharing each team’s pros and cons. And it’s refreshing to see a friendly interaction between the two schools that faced off in the finals. Sana ganito lagi kasibilisado ang mga bloggers. Hehe.

    Para sa mga… abusado: It’s never too late para matuto.

    Nice game to both univs. =)

    Thomasians, kanta tayo: “God of all nations…”

    Ateneans, hats off. =) Mahusay po kayo; but I guess this is just our year. See you next year. *salutes* =)

  50. Lasallista Said:

    First of all, congrats to the Growling TIgers. Although halos hindi ko kilala players nyo, what’s important is that u beat ateneo in a close match. lol joke lang. : ) Galing nyo. Your incredible run this year is a perfect underdog story. God bless.

    Sa mga atenista> congrats na rin….solid effort… per yan kasi e. masyado nyo minamaliit ung USTE yan tuloy sobrang sakit ng pagkatalo nyo. Pero i feel for you guys.. remember last year when we lost to FEU? haay..

    Anyway, better watch out for us next year.

    Animo Lasalle.

    Ateneans, pls lang, just stick with your “one big fight” trademark phrase/ battlecry whatever. Although you have all the right to use it, hindi bagay sa inyo. Plus, everyone’s going to think that u just copied it from Lasalle. Even you ateneans know that. Wala lang

    GO UST

  51. kookai Said:

    God of all Nations
    Merciful Lord of our Restless Being
    Sweep with your Golden Lilies
    This Fountain of Purest Light

    Trace with the Sails of the Galleons
    The Dream Beyond our Seeing
    Touch with the Flames of your Kindness
    The Gloom of our Darkest Night

    Keep us in Beauty
    And Truth and Virtues Impassioned Embrace
    Ever your Valiant Legions
    Imbued with Unending Grace.


  52. stayz Said:

    Nice game guys! I must admit, it really was a close fight. If I had a heart attack, I would’ve died right there! Honestly, I love how our school and Ateneo were being civil to each other. It goes to show how we were trained and educated by our schools.

    To the Growling Tigers, thank you for bringing back my school spirit. Haha! By the way, back in college, I was a HUGE FAN of yours..actually, di lang fan..stalker! right, Monica? :p

    To Kookai: Thanks for posting our hymn! Goodness, I graduated last year and I still don’t know most of the words there! haha!

  53. taps Said:

    la salle mandaraya

  54. ten ten Said:

    congrats sa lahat. halos himatayin din ako sa nerbiyos watching the endgame. hats off to pido lalo na nung binigyan niya ng blessing si cuan before the free throw which was a split. it only shows how pido treats his wards kay mabilis mamotivate ang mga tigers. to all the players, staff and the whole ust community. you really make us proud to be a thomasian. this championship will always be remembered as the true cinderella story.

  55. Michiko Said:

    Victory party later (Oct 4) at UST, 6pm =)

  56. NMER CASTRO Said:

    ang galing ng mga thomasian…….congrats..lalo na sakin kabalen…
    jojo duncil!!!!!

  57. joshua mendoza Said:

    noooooomoooooo lapaaaaad!!! iyak….

  58. ishi Said:

    congratulations to all thomasians….and….atenistas as well…both teams showed how determined they are in winning the championship game…it was a whirlwind story…a rollercoaster ride for our team before we’ve reached the final four…who’d have thought we’re going to make it?there were doubts…there were adversities yet GOD guided our team to make it through to the final four…there were rumors that we have to bribe the player in UE in order to win…TO THOSE PEOPLE QUESTIONING HOW WE WON THE GAME AGAINST UE, i pity you guys!don’t be bitter…but enough of that!

    WE WON AGAINST ATENEO,the most fave team of the season to win the title, NOT ONLY ONCE BUT TWICE…HAIL COACH PIDO!!!THOUGH HE LOOKS LIKE the long lost bro of JOSE (EAT BULAGA), thomasians really love her…i find him very funny…this is a new beginning… i hope that next season we will win the title again…i know we can make it…go uste…go cinderella tigers…

  59. tomasite Said:

    Well, well,,,, I read a few blog comments here before i reached the bottom….

    Hmmm… dun sa atenista na buong buo ang support sa alma mater, hats of to you… pero di kase kami naniniwala sa cartoons.. (bwahahaha!)

    sorry, mayabang lang kase coz amin ang championship na to!

    But I admire us both, from the games , to the fans…

    Whoever won last time I’d be happy. Kase I have my own native reasons… I am from Pampanga, both Intal and Duncil are my cabalens…. So what’s ther to loose?

    I was lucky to have watched both games 1 and 2 live! Papa ko, niloko ako while I watched game two on tv, kung bakit di ako lumuwas… told him flatly , ” Sa third game na ako luluwas, pa.” He laughed at me.. Then he stopped… He saw I was laughing with him but Iw as seriuos at the same time.. Sabi kase nila, pinatagal lang agon ng UST Tigers and fans nang dumating si MIlenyo…

    Sa akin, walang bagyo bagyo… Suerte meron…

    ~Congratulations eagles and tigers!

  60. Nants Said:

    My Congratulations to the UST Growling Tigers, to Pido Jarencio, and the whole UST Community and Alumnis like me.

    It was a great feeling of which I relived at that moment when the buzzer sounded and declared UST as Champions again, because I experienced the 3 of the 4 peat of UST when I was in college.

    I was still supportive though not that much recently, but when I learned that UST made it again to the final 4, when in fact I don’t even know who the new players are, I really had a feeling that something great will happen this year.

    I had doubts in me, because there was no really not much popular names in the UST line-up, unlike Ateneo or UE, I can’t help but to remember that UST run when it had it’s back to back championship and that also needed a miracle to beat UE twice to be able to enter the championship against La Salle.

    So when UST surpassed the twice to beat advantage of UE, it’s like there are signs that we are going to make it, although I just felt that it was an overachievement for UST to be in the finals. But then again when a friend told me that it was only UST that broke the winning streak of Ateneo and seems to be their kontrapelo, I was urged to think that it is possible.

    When UST lost Game 1 by a squeaker, it was tough, but I have faith we will win Game 2 which we did, I was not able to watch these first 2 games, so I really made sure that at least on TV I could be able to watch the 3rd and deciding game.

    And it was really worth it, UST won, and just like when it faces La Salle before, we always usually drop the first game, and win the 2nd and the 3rd one, I may not be in Araneta on this 3rd game this year like the ones before, but I felt that all Thomasian supports were on the game itself, because every shot of UST players on the final minutes of regulation which we were even down by 5 points but still forced an overtime. I felt though that Ateneo still have all it’s Stars in the game, and for UST, Cruz and Evangelista fouled out already, so at least we made it that far, but my hats off to Duncil, he really never gave up, of which together with his remaining teammates on the floor, they made the improbable possible.

    My only constructive criticism is that Cuan must learn to really shoot free throws, the stroke is wrong and the knees are not supporting his shot, if next year he will be better, and with the UST line up mostly in tact, it will be tough to beat UST and I do hope they make another back to back championships.

    My best respect for ATENEO, to Intal and Kramer, but mostly to Escalona, for I saw how he really like gave it all to win, it is just that the breaks went our way.

    Again Congratulations to us Thomasian!!!

  61. ar2014 Said:

    ABABOUti na lang USTe ako!

  62. angel Said:


  63. Dave Q Said:

    UAAP nanaman, yahoooo!

  64. jennifer Said:

    …i luv uste eversince mnlo,mtlo kyo prn # pra skn..hehehe…!!!kht 1st runner up lng kyo s cheering compitition atleast ngwa nio prn ng mbuti,glng nio nga ehh….dont wori nxtym kyo ul8 macha2mpion,bzta kip up d gud work guys!!!

    go uste,go uste,go,go,go,go uste,go uste!!!!
    luv u ol guys,filing close eh noh!!!hehehehe

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