Why do you blog?

For all people who blog, maintain a MySpace, Friendster, or Multiply, don’t you ever wonder why this thing called virtual socializing clicks?

I did when I stumbled on this post.

I was tagsurfing and found The Politics of MySpace (Or What Social Networks are Really About) by Chartreuse (BETA)

This is a real gem–a short and an insightful entry on virtual socializing.



  1. Mac Said:

    Hi there. Yes, I’m familiar with that web site. My favorite’s “A Survey of Philippine Literature.” Thanks for the suggestion. By the way, can I link you up?

  2. Michiko Said:

    No prob. =) Will link you up, too. That ok? Hmm, I think I saw the link to “A Survey… :” at your site. Will check on that one!

  3. Janelle Said:

    Ui! May main article ang PC Mag US tungkol sa MySpace Nation. Hehe!

  4. Toni Said:

    It boggles the mind really. I mean, if you think about it, it’s not really all too useful is it?

    Mwahahaha… Mich, trust you to come up with, “Isn’t it ironic that in a place filled with death you found…” ERASE talaga! Sus, ewan ko ba, he’s a really weird guy. Umm, errr… after two dates, he put me on the spot. As in, no one has ever put me on the spot like that. Errr, in other words, kami na. At ewan ko kung pano nangyari yun pero hey, I’m not complaining.

  5. Michiko Said:

    @ Janelle: Hala! Don’t be surprised when you see me grabbing the mag at your table to browse through that. It got me quite interested, really. =)

    @ Toni: Waah! Haha. The guy put you on the spot! Lol. Persuasive, eh? Kinda reminds you of the stuff that J.M. writes about. Yihii! Ever imagined that one day a guy would eventually catch you off guard the way JM’s damsels were caught?

  6. james Said:

    i’d say blogging is basically a result of curiosity. the availability of a medium makes the possibilities in it probable. reading blogging from a psychoanalytic point of view is often for those who normally translate their experiences as subconscious tendencies, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the politics of social networking through new media. even before the internet, people have had the tendency to reach out by whatever medium available. some even just do the same thing because it has become a fad. blogging, social networking (through the internet) and the likes, are merely manifestations of how a communication medium can change the social sphere. philosophical interpretations like searching for the one or the many are only proofs of how the new medium was able to change the person and the his/her social sphere; it is not the cause as the entry you linked suggest 🙂

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