A Flicker of Hope

She wasn’t hurrying; she knew it was useless.

Her movements were calculated. In rhythm, like the usual. Step, step, step, step were the sounds of her feet as she trudged up the stairs. Flick, flick, flick, flick were the sounds of her thumb’s cuticle against the index’s; her eyes went blink, blink, blink, blink as she tried to see through the dark. Her ears strained to hear the sound of her heart.

It wasn’t the usual thump, thump, thump, thump.

She reached her destination–her room, her solace–which was currently in a state of mess. It was chaos in a state of chaos–dirty clothes, mismatched slippers, unmade bed, scattered papers. She reached for the switch to turn on the lights. Tick-Tick. Tick-Tick.

F*ck, the bulb’s out, she hissed as she flopped down her bed. Maybe it was a good thing, she thought. I don’t need to see something tangible to reflect my emotional rigoudon.

She hugged a pillow and clenched her eyes shut. “Lord, what’s happening?” she muttered in a desperate plea. She wanted answers. She wanted to choke out the growing lump on her throat. She wanted to cry.

She opened her eyes to look at herself at the mirror near the bed. She saw the infinite blackness that enveloped her room instead.



  1. Janelle Said:

    Sometimes, it’s good to be in the dark.

  2. Michiko Said:

    Eek. Not when you’ve always been in the dark. When you’re finally looking for the light and you can’t find it, that hurts. A lot.

  3. james Said:

    your post is loaded ha.. and you’re reply to janelle’s post is loaded too. i can’t help but think that you’re acting up a la ginger, hehe.. remember the time when she wrote a poem about some girl suddenly being gone and everyone thought she was suicidal? you seem to be subconsciously imitating her, hehe.. by the way, are your entries still fiction-fiction or really fictional representations of your subconcious? :p

  4. james Said:

    auto spelling and grammar check: that should have been “and your reply to janelle’s post is loaded too” NOT “and you’re reply to janelle’s post is loaded too”

  5. Michiko Said:

    @ James: Wag mo ko i-expose! hahaha

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