Here comes the sun…

[mood] contented
[opening song] Here Comes the Sun – Beatles

I am still wondering what kind of wind I sniffed in Batangas that December 2005 that had long since changed my body clock. For some reason, I would not be able to sleep unless it’s already 5a.m. The moment I notice the first weak rays of the morning sun creeping in our curtained windows, I’d immediately feel sleepy. What the?

I feel like a vampire.

But then again, I wake up at 8a.m. And vampires surely don’t get up at that hour.

Maybe I’ve turned into a zombie.

*     *     *

Where’s the evil Maleficent when you need her? I need the spindle!

[closing song] Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band
[status] not even a wee bit sleepy



  1. Monix Said:


    Finally, i got myself a wordpress 🙂

    What is happening to you? Oh my dear, yeah, it seems you’re turning to be a cute young zombie..hekhek…

    when are seeing each other again? and the rest of the guys huh?

    see you!

  2. Michiko Said:

    Hahaha cute zombie? 😀 Since when?!

    I dunno, one day I woke up… err, I mean, one night I wanted to sleep but I couldn’t. Then when the sun’s streaming across my room, that’s when I felt like wanting to sleep already. 😛

    Glad you got a WP already. Pretty little thing, ain’t it? Hope you wouldn’t have trouble posting pics hehehe. Hmm. I can’t commit to meeting you guys on the 19th because we’re throwing my Lolo in Batangas a little barbeque party. =)

    Which reminds me of Niel’s birthday on August 17. =)

  3. stayz Said:

    Hoy babae! baka magkasakit ka niyan! And what’s up with Afternoon Delight? Do you know what it means? *wink*

  4. Michiko Said:

    Hahaha. Yes stayz. 😀 The song was an LSS. Which is an irony as I don’t have any person to sing that for.

    Must be the ambience where I wrote this entry. “I thot I tho a cockthowt.”

    Hmm. Ewan ko. Might I becoming less and less of a human? *gasp* hehehe

  5. Yo rinoa-chan! Your body clock reminded me of layouting our photojrn finals. That was when I forgot to eat and pee because I was engrossed in finishing and perfecting the layout. I didn’t realize it was 5 am already! Hehe…sometimes I miss being a student and all that pressure, the only pressure I feel in my job is whether or not this transaction would cause a discrepancy notice. In other words, if you’re short on charging, ask passenger to pay or you pay if s/he doesn’t want to.

    I’m currently paranoid about something but I’m hoping I wouldn’t have to pay the philippine travel tax…1620 din un no, btw lam mo ba pag nationally certified journalist ka (parang FMA to ha) 810 lang philippine trvl tax mo…la lang…I don’t even know if you’ll understand this shit…

    Anyway, just dropping a line:)

  6. Michiko Said:

    Waah! You mentioned to me once that one of your benefits (perks?) is that you get to travel abroad with your family right? But does that mean that you still have to pay for the tax?! Graa. Government. Pfft.

    Hmm. How does one become a “nationally certified journalist?” I mean, in 1970s, telephone and radio operators then had to take exams and they are given licenses. (I dunno if they stil do that). But, us, journalists don’t take any licensure or board exams to prove us that our profession is journalism. Is a press ID enough to get travel tax “discounts”? 😀 Hmm, that kinda made me think ha. I wonder if I could save enough to travel to Europe. Heh.

    Thanks for dropping a line! 😀

  7. bes Said:

    Hmm. Ewan ko. Might I becoming less and less of a human? *gasp* hehehe

    since when were you?:P

  8. Michiko Said:

    Tse! Hahaha. Magdadrop ka lang ng line, ibubuking mo pa ang aking pinakaingat-ingatang lihim! Naks! =)

  9. cho Said:

    God, I love this song.

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