Comics: A vivid high school memory

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A while ago, my highschool barkada Eric Bautista caught me on YM and asked if I had been busy lately.

Ooh. I had a hard time constructing my sentence then.

Images of piles of laidout pages that need corrections flew around my head; numbers fleeted about my head–deadlines, hours, the amount of fat I ingest everyday, the worth of prepaid credit that Globe deducts from me whenever they send ringtones and logos that I did not download or ask for, cut off date on paying my credit card, the rate of the depletion of my savings at the bank, the price of My Chemical Romance’s album, the tons of clothes waiting to be laundered, the bruises on my thighs caused my Markus’ constant stone-flicking because I failed to write about him. *sigh* I could have simply said yes–but that just sounded so rude and it was so not my intention to brush off someone (important) who I haven’t talked to for a long time. I simply said,

“I’m pretty packed until the 19th.” With a big, toothy grin. 😀

Thank goodness for tact or we would not have been able to talk about comics.

Yup, comics is the core of our conversation. Lovell Mendoza, another barkada in high school, Eric and I were officers in Artist Guild, the humble little organization for students who like art at Blessed Christ Child Montessori Foundation. Lovell was the president, Eric the next in command, and yours truly as org secretary. Aside from setting up art contests at school events, our little club had once dreamt of putting out a little comic.

Well, it isn’t really little as the story we’ve come up with is rather long and branched out enough to called an epic. Through the help of some of our barkada/org mates who were also interested, [Peewee, Erika, Nikko and Philip–who else did I miss?], we were able to create studies about the setting, characters and the plot. It’s all about this twin brothers who were separated after their clan had been attacked by their father’s old best friend. And the story kicks from there on…

Several complications arise, major conflicts in the story were woven, character studies were made–but our senior year ended and we haven’t found time to put into actualization the plans that we made that year.

So, I was ecstatic to hear from Eric that Lovell was suggesting that we start creating comics again. Hallelujah! I’ve been so frustrated for months about not being able to draw again. And here comes the golden opportunity!

We thought about rehashing the old story and polish our plot a bit, but since we left the story hanging for six years already, someone else had already beaten us to the plot and pace–our story had uncanny similarities to Naruto and Bleach. Creepy.

I suggested Markus’ story (since he’s being oh so adamant about being on the spotlight–this character simply is a schizo; I thought he was the serious and introverted type of character?). I’ve mentioned some plot twists with Eric and he replied, “Pwede.” Yay! So I guess I had to hold back posting Markus and the Electric Fan Boy‘s story for a bit if we’re going to use the plot.

Hope I could go back to Batangas first to retrieve our sketches back then before we meet up. Can’t wait for that coffee-arcade meeting. 😀

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