I came, I saw, I met: Up dharma Down at Megamall (and other stories)

Intense is the only adjective that I could think of as I remember Up dharma Down (UdD) perform live last August 5 at Burn Magazine’s mall tour. The event was hosted by Burn Magazine’s Production Coordinator Denise Mallabo and Events Manager of Hinge Inquirer Publications, Juno Limjap.

Up dharma Down performs at Megamall for the BURN Mall Tour

It was the first time that I saw them on stage and it took a great ounce of effort not to squeal like a rabid fan girl during their performance. Especially when they played Pag-Agos, Oo, Maybe, and Lazy Daisy. If you haven’t heard any of their songs yet (segue: why???), you can listen to them online at Pure Volume. Let’s support Pinoy music and the Pinoy magazine that supports them! Therefore, buy BURN! Hehe. >:)

*     *     * 

Pictures, pictures…

I dragged along my best friend, Denice de Guzman, to the back stage and immediately saw Paul Yap, UdD’s bassist. Yes, you guessed it right: I shamelessly asked for an autograph right before they went on stage and they were kind enough to oblige. Armi Mallari [vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitars] signed first before passing it to Carlos Tanada [lead guitars], Paul Yap [bass], and Ean Mayor [drums]. After their set, we later found the bubbly Marko Ganders and Arvin Peralta (from BURN/HIP Events Team) at the backstage talking to Armi. The next thing we knew, Armi was formally (and kindly) introducing us to the rest of the band. Again, thank you! 

The video of Pag-Agos is nominated for this year at MTV Pilipinas Awards. If you want to vote for them (like me), then check this link. Yes, another shameless plug. Don’t tell me that you haven’t been warned. In case you’re too lazy to open another window, here’s how:

Favorite Indie Video: Key in MTVVOTE FINDV PAG AGOS and send to 638 for Smart and 2219 for non-smart subscribers.

Favorite New Artist in a Video: Key in MTVVOTE FNA UP DHARMA DOWN and send to 638 for Smart and 2219 for non-smart subscribers.

See them perform live at SM Mall of Asia along with other Pinoy performers in BURN Magazine’s Concert. It’s only PhP 160.00! You can buy tickets online at TicketWorld. For sure, I’ll be there. But for now, just enjoy viewing the photos of Up dharma Down at the Burn Mall Tour, taken by Rikky Arquiza of Hinge Inquirer Publications.

*     *     *     *

Paul Yap and his bass

Paul Yap at ease with his craft

Carlos is a monster at lead guitars.

Carlos Tanada has very quick fingers. In a very good way >:)

Ean Mayor is uber-relaxed at his element

UdD’s drummer boy Ean Mayor: Uh-oh. My cymbals are losing screws!

Armi Mallari captures the crowd with her powerful voice

Armi Mallari does a very powerful rendition of Pag-Agos

After BURNing

Jobelle Tayawa(graphic artist, HIP Events Team), Angie Tan (marketing, HIP Events), Sarita Langford (production assistant, HIP Events), Mitch Baylosis (Game! Editorial Assistant at HIP–yep, that’s me), Marko Ganders (YEAPS) and Denice De Guzman (RMH).


Arvin, Jobelle and moi after watching UdD: waaaah! =) That’s Angie Tan at the far right. We dunno where her hands had been, teeheehee.

And finally…

Carlos of UdD

Armi of UdD

Ean of UdDPaul of UdD 





Heaven forbid if you still don’t recognize them by the end of this post. Peace. \m/

*     *     * 

Yikes. I failed to put up the prologue of Markus and the Electric Fan Boy. If anyone got curious, sorry! I might be able to upload it tomorrow, though. For the mean time, you could check out Stella: Version 1.1. an experimental story.

A whiny high school girl, an emo cat, and a cooking master are on exodus. Forced to work together to stay alive, the three began to unravel some finer points in life in the most unconventional, unforgettable, and unrealistic ways possible.

Or my drabble, Morning Greeting,which is about having a poignant realization at the sight of a bedroom ceiling upon waking up. Yes, people: I do shameless plugs. It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything  for public viewing. I’m trying to brush up on my fiction writing skills, so any comment would be greatly appreciated for my improvement. Constructive criticisms are highly encouraged. 

Ehem. Rest assured that Markus had been bullying me the moment the moment I woke up today and had already flicked a stone towards my direction when I pretended not to notice. I’m currently sporting a bruise the size of my thumb on my right thigh. He’s a very short-tempered one. 

Note: This is a disclaimer that I am having imaginary friends again at this age. (I’m 21). They’re just…there.  

Note #2: I am not helping the cause of this note, aren’t I? 

*     *     *



  1. tefekkur Said:


  2. Michiko Said:

    What the?

    My very first, er, spam comment? Hmm…

  3. Pippin Said:

    …mukha nga ^^;

    ey si Carlos Tanada… actually batchmate ko sya nung HS. Pero di kami close hehe 😛

    I really miss the Pinoy music scene. Outdated nko for sure 😦

  4. Chronos XVI Said:

    MItch~ pa-send naman ng photos… ang ganda ng mga kuha nila hehe 😛

    oh, and an emo cat?! hahaha reminds me of those awkwardly golden battery-powered chinese cats people put in stores to ‘entice’ customers in *meaow*

  5. kalaro Said:

    oi, sis! tell HIP’s team to include Agape in their other events/gigs/concerts! Haha! may sarili din akong plugging? Naks! E proud ako sa “boss-classmate” natin! Kamusta naman ang Ateneo teacher na bumabanda-banda pa! Asteg. O siya, siya. Sana Sabado na! Yes!

  6. Michiko Said:

    @ Pippin: Wow! Really? Hehe… same age ba kayo? =) May mga online sites naman about pinoy music. I think meron sa Fiestamundo.com and Rakista.com.

    @ kalaro: Wheee! Pwede! Ano, are we going to watch the Joko (Joko Maymay of Agape) at WBOB? =) Kaya ba? Whoopee! Hehe. I still can’t believe that he’s the teacher of the kid of our former professor! At si Sir Cuartero pa heehee. Please give him my regards sis! =) Mwah!

  7. stayz Said:

    oi teka..si joko teacher sa ateneo?! di nga? no kidding? mitch! i need your help! i want to upload pix and mp3s in my blog! how to do it? please help! 😦

  8. kalaro Said:

    teacher si joko sa ateneo… although… hindi niya ata student anak ni sir cuartero… but hopeful si sir na sana maging estudyante nga ni joko anak niya. wehehehe. ayus ba? what na? let’s go saturday! stacey, mich… go-go-go ba mga blog-mates? hehehehe.

  9. Michiko Said:

    Haha! I though Joko’s already teaching the kid. Lol. Small world. (Everybody, on the count of three, sing ~it’s a small world after all! it’s a small world after all…)

    Hmm. Sis, what do you mean by this Saturday? Skip-hoppers meeting again? =)  

  10. kilawinguwak Said:

    uy. i nearly see ean every wednesday, whenever he sits in (indefinitely) for the drummer of the pin-up girls. at nawala pa ata ang goatee nya.

  11. bes Said:

    wtf…. i have my whole name and picture AND place of work posted!!!! you’ve been working in a magazine for too long! hehe.

    i can never manage to keep a blog. i get lost too often.

    and im too lazy.;p

  12. Michiko Said:

    @ kilawinguwak: haha, you see him that often? Hmm. Ean doesn’t have a goatee when they played at Megamall hehe. New do, too. =P

    @ bes: yes, bes, maybe I’ve been working in a mag for too long hahaha. Look, i’ve even posted a how-to… graaaaaa!

    “and im too lazy.;p” — heh. who isn’t?

  13. Michiko Said:

    chronos said: MItch~ pa-send naman ng photos… ang ganda ng mga kuha nila hehe. oh, and an emo cat?! hahaha reminds me of those awkwardly golden battery-powered chinese cats people put in stores to ‘entice’ customers in *meaow*

    @ chronos: would you believe that your comment didn’t show because the comment was considered a spam? wahehe. Spammer!!!

    kidding. =) and yeah. an emo cat. i’d even try to create a scene where Grisham would ask STella to apply eyeliner on his eyes hehe. (goodness, i miss writing SV1.1 already…) And huh? Those cats who look like they’re singing their alma mater’s songs at stores? hehehe but h-why? =P

  14. minami Said:

    hi mitch! oh, paul and i were there at sm megamall, naglilibot. 😛

  15. Michiko Said:

    Waaah! We missed each other there hahaha! =) Oh well, if you like UdD, i guess you should attend the Burn event on Sept 28 then. 😀

    How’s the lock of your car? Hope it isn’t giving you any trouble again hahaha.

    But you must admit: it does a pretty good job of making you sweat off a few fat hahaha

  16. jobelle Said:

    hi mitch! 😀 nanggugulo lang! astig talaga UdD. yun lang ulit. sorry sabaw na hehe

  17. Michiko Said:

    Hahaha. After, umm, pestering you with several pages for layout, I really wouldn’t wonder. 😀 Muchas gracias talaga! Tara, kulitin natin si Mon na bigyan tayo discount sa tickets sa 28th! hahaha

  18. Joshua Said:

    isa sa mga guys dito naging kabit si SAM OH yung koryana na host na medyu duling. amoy kimchi!!!

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