Up dharma Down later, then Markus and the Electric Fan Boy tomorrow!

Here’s a quick post! Ean, Armi, Paul and Carlos

I prayed that I would not be sick today, just so I could watch Up dharma Down at Megamall–an event by BURN Magazine, the music mag from Hinge Inquirer Publications. I had a slight fever yesterday and I woke up this morning still feeling a little off. But no, sick or not, I’m off to Megamall to finally hear them perform live. >:) I shall post the lryics of Pag-Agos, Maybe, and Oo soon.

*     *    * 

Hmm. I finally found a name for this character who has been lingering on my mind since summer of last year: Markus. I’ve thought about this story when the office of the company I am working for was still in Cityland Herrera Tower. The walls of our office is painted bright orange. Yes, bright orange. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to nod my head off while working.

After I’ve posted Stella: Version 1.1, Markus’ character grunted at me and poked me with a walking stick, saying it was now his turn. So tomorrow, I’ll be posting another new story: Markus and the Electric Fan Boy

Electric Fan BoyPrologue preview: Markus is a newly-grad who just got hired at a publishing company as a graphic artist. He’s often silent, speaking only when needed. But when he has something to say–it was brutally honest that people veer away from his serious demeanor. But then he senses something odd about his workplace: he always felt watched–extremely watched–by none other than a vintage electric fan. Seriousness will be a far-fetched notion thereafter.



  1. kalaro Said:

    how was the gig? 🙂 sabi na nga ba! i read a text about up dharma down gig chuva… i was half-reading it, half-sleeping then… i really thought it was a dream… hmmm… that’s strange… tsk…

  2. Michiko Said:

    Sis! Astig! Met them, too! Wheee. I am officially an Up dharma Down groupie hahaha.

    Lol. Couldn’t blame you, though. Late ko na rin nasend yung message e hehe.

  3. migraine_man Said:

    Up Dharma Down! 🙂 about your fan boy story, feeling ko super cost-cutting yung pinagta-trabahuhan ni Markus kasi electric fan lang gamit nila, a vintage one at that. 😀 How are you? 🙂

  4. Michiko Said:

    Dario! Morning! 😀 Astig sila kahapon hehe. Open space nga lang, kaya subdued ang aming galaw ni Denice (de Guzman) haha.

    Re Fan Boy: Uy, haha, mayaman ang company lol. But there’s a reason behind why there’s a vintage electric fan there. 😉 Basahin mo na lang heehee >:)

    Am doing fine. Super enjoy magblog lately haha. I’m making it a point to post regularly! Nabanggit sakin ni Jaja na nakasalubong mo raw siya recently! hehehe 🙂

  5. stayz Said:

    Astig diba Up Dharma? =) Never heard them perform live but I have their CD..bday gift nila John =)

    Markus and the Electric Fan Boy? Of all na pwede electric fan pa! Why not the aircon? hehe

  6. Jaja Said:

    Hay, next time sa fantabulous Burn concert na sa SM Mall of Asia ha! Dapat andun tayo. ; )

  7. Michiko Said:

    Waah! Stacey! You should really hear them live! =) Sabi nga ni Jaja, dapat andun tayo sa “fantabulous Burn concert” sa SM Mall of Asia.

    Yup, Up dharma Down is performing again on September 28 with Bamboo, Nina, Christian, Sitti, Urbandub (if di ako nagkakamali), 6Cycle Mind, Barbie. Lemme ask Denise (of Burn) to confirm! Please attend the event!

    Then after the Burn event, attend naman the event of Game! Mag, my baby: the Philippine Electronic Gaming Convention. Hahaha. Aga ng plugging ano, Ja? =)

  8. stayz Said:

    Wow! Sa mall of asia?? can’t wait!!! free ba to? with freebies? hehe..

  9. Michiko Said:

    Haha. No my dear, it’s not for free. But for only PhP 160.00– ye get to watch who?

    Bamboo, Orange and Lemons, Pupil, Nina, Christian Bautista, Barbie Almalbis, Imago, Itchyworms, Callalily, Sino Sikat? Chillitees, 6cyclemind, Hale, Sugarfree, Sitti, Radioactive Sago Project, Up Dharma Down, Crayola, Drip.

    Heh. Naman. =) Hatak na dali! 😀


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