Tattoo on My Mind: An Anecdote

Note: The post title is not meant to be Tattooed on My Mind (a song title). Yes, I know, bad pun.

Mico’s last comment at my entry The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance reminded me of my little tattoo story.

My barkada and I went to Intramuros one time when we were still in college. We decided to get henna tattoos on our wrists. I had mine at the right. When I got home, my dad saw it and freaked out. And I, being the obedient and guilt-striken teen that I was, decided to get rid of the henna in the fastest way possible: Scotch Brite.

Yup, Scotch Brite.

I used alcohol first in trying to remove the henna, then soap, then something else–but all to no avail. And then there was the Scotch Brite. It had seemed like a “brite” and sterling idea then to “clean the mess I got into”–so to speak.

So yeah, I Scotch Brite-d the henna tattoo on my wrist the same night I had it.

Yes, it was a big ouch. My wrist was stinging with little needle-prickling-the-skin-like pain–it was as if I scraped my wrist on the cement upon tripping. Ironically, the wound took after a very familiar pattern: that of my former henna tattoo. >:) Hehe.

Moral lesson of the story? Yes, we all do some stupid things sometimes on impulse. In the end, the only good thing about the consequences of the stupidity is that they make good anecdotes (either to remind yourself about the stupidity thus pushing yourself to grow up; or, to warn others of your stupidity).

*     *     *

Since we’re on the subject, I have seriously considered that if ever I’d have tattoo, the top three spots on my body would be:

(1) where the base of the neck meets the shoulder, right side
Design: the shape of a heart formed by having two cobras face each other (head to head, belly to belly). That, or this one.

(2) along the spine of my back
Design: preferably a skeleton of a thin snake

(3) around my upper arm, like a permanent armlet or around my leg near the ankle, like a permanent anklet
Design: three guesses about the design I have in mind. Heh.

So. Given tattooes any thought lately?



  1. mico Said:

    go for it!! uuhhh.. your dad freaked out eh?? imagine the look on my da’s face when i got home from rect when i got my tattoo!!

    tatay:(natulala.. nakatingin sa kin sa hallway nanlalaki ang mga mata!!) nag patattoo ka?!

    me: op!! ganda no?? hehehe(smiling knowing di nya na pwede pa pabura!!)

    tatay:(nanatiling tulala for five more minutes)

    hehehehe.. all worth it!! ever since i wasmall i wanted to have one!! and it was scuh a pleasure when i got it!! (some ting of masochism?? hehehe..)

    whats with the snakes?? anyway, ako gusto ko puro tribal. all black! no colors.

    anyways just to let you guys know, i got my tattoo when i was already working. used my own money. kaya wal din syan g magagawa pag lumaki pa ito!! hehehehe…

  2. kalaro Said:

    kamusta naman si michelle kow na tatahi-tahimik napakahilig naman pala sa ahas! hahaha! you should’ve posted your creative shot here, sis. ako, won’t go for tattoos. (1) too scared of needles. heck! i hate blood chems for crying outloud! (2) am not into doing things i MIGHT regret. you’ll never know if i’d want it forever so… i’d rather not risk it. (3) i think i’m too much of a girly-girly goody-goody although b*tchy kinda girl really… well… so…. no tattoos for me. but the hey, if you want one and it looks good on you, and daddy jerry agrees… i suggest you do it! lolz. (daddy’s girl kasi ako)

  3. kilawinguwak Said:

    tattoo! haha. a tat of the word “tattoo” might be fun. sa thumb siguro, or something. idon’tknow. wouldn’t want to null and void my blood-donating faculties by getting a tat, though.

  4. KV Said:

    I’ve been contemplating for YEARS about getting a tattoo, where I should put it, and what design. But I don’t think I’m pushing through with that anymore. Ayaw ni you-know-who :p

  5. Jaja Said:

    One of those out of league moments again, mitch?! Remember when pumasok ako sa office na may henna tattoo sa kamay?! Urgh! I tried every chemical substance there is to get rid of that pero after one week lang natanggal. Sa susunod, dun na sa di makikita (but what the heck is the use of putting a tattoo then?). Hehe!

  6. stayz Said:

    Pareho tayo ng spot! along the back of my spine din..hehe..i’m not a big fan of snakes or cobra for that fact i find them icky! hihi..peace! If ever I got one, gusto ko something artsy..gusto ko colored eh..hehe..parang ethnic or just some really cool design..

  7. Michiko Said:

    @ mico: i hope hindi na natutulala ang tatay mo pag nakikita ka niya 😀 What’s with snakes? Hmm. Kasi kinakain nila ang mga manok hehehe. >:)

    @ kalaro: omygulay?! Yung creative shot ko! Wahaha. Wag na sis, maawa tayo sa ibang taong makakakita huwahaha.

    @ kilawinguwak: hehe. i’ve thought about it, too. Not being able to donate blood, should ever the need arise, if I get a tat. Bibili na lang ako ng tribal stickers hahaha!

    @ KV: Hahaha. May pumipigil na sa kanya yihiiii. But say you can get a tat… where do you want it? =) I read a story that this girl’s parents put a tattoo of that Looney Tunes skunk on one of her butt cheeks… just for the heck of it. Hehehe.

    @ Jaja: Speaking of.. hmm. Alam ko na, pagnagpa-henna ulit ako, sasabihin ko sa tatay ko totoo! hahaha

    @ Stayz: Hehe. Hindi naman lagi snake =) Mga tribal, ethic… pero black lang. Pero if ever, something that resembles a snake heheh.

  8. mico Said:

    tribal snake would be great!!

    jaja?? u here too? hehehehe… patattoo ka na rin!! =P

    nasanay na father ko eh!! kaya kelangan palakihan para matulala ulit!! hehehehe…

  9. Michiko Said:

    Haha. May naresearch na nga akong ilang designs e. Not that the designs are gonna be tattooed on any part of my body soon. The designs are just so wonderful to look at. =)

    Lol. Have you heard/read about the guy who had his whole body tattooed? Hehe. La lang. I just remembered. Then there was this lady who also had her body done in the likeness of … basta one of the cat’s family. Hehe. Kulit no?

  10. mico Said:

    yeah dami naman nagawa nun! ako.. gusto ko patattoo the whole right side of my body. hehehehe…

    as for me better ikaw gumawa ng sarili mong design. remeber it’s gonns be with you for the rest of your life. kainis naman yun kung may makakasabay ka na kapareho mo ng design!! hehehe..

  11. Michiko Said:

    Wah. Whole right side? Won’t you look like a rather greasy-looking cyborg? hehe. Kidding.

  12. mico Said:

    huh whats with the grease?? hehehe… basta para astig!!

  13. Michiko Said:

    hahaha. Grease. Imagine if you’ve run a stretch of a mile and you got tats… you’d be sweating profusely and you’re right side would rather look a bit of greasy than oily hehe. 😛

  14. mico Said:

    aahhh ok… i will be wearing clothes you know? hehehe.. and mas maganda nga kung ganun kaitim and kakintab yung tats eh!!

  15. Michiko Said:

    Hahah. You’re obsessed!!! 😛

  16. mico Said:

    just a little.. and a lasochist at that.. hehehe =p

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