Morning Greeting

The ceiling welcomed my sight each time I opened my eyes. I am not an early riser but I managed to get up early today. I needed to catch the first bus this morning to see my folks.

I groaned and stared hard at the ceiling. Until that moment, it had never occured to me that the once smooth and clear ceiling of my bedroom apartment is now parched, cracked at the center and had taken after the color of burnt bond paper.

A feeling of discontentment swept over my system: it reminded me too much of a relationship that once was–fading and deteriorating. After that moment of epiphany, I decided to go back to sleep.

I could always take the next bus.

Edit (08142006): After bloghopping, I found my friend’s entry, Waiting for a Ride. Seems like a fitting continuation to this entry from another person’s perspective.



  1. Janelle Said:

    Naks Mitch! May wordpress blog ka na rin. Yihee! (Mga ADDICT tayo sa BLOG!) Add mo URL ko ha: Hehe!

    Yes, let’s just take the next bus.

  2. kalaro Said:

    Every crack and dent just needs a few tweaks, a fresh can of paint and some pounding here and there… As for the bus, there always is another one waiting along the way. But what are the chances that you get on that “ONE BUS” *wink* will link you up too, blood sis. I miss you muchie!

  3. james Said:

    pa-poetic effect ah.. at mukhang ang dami ko nang namimiss kasi di ko na naiintindihan yung ‘real’ equivalent ng mga pinagsasabi mo eh, hehe..

    just the same, if im getting this right, gaya nga ng sabi ni karen, repainting lang katapat ng dingy ceiling. as for the bus? i don’t think i’m the right person to say something about that, hehe..

    and you still owe me a treat sa cbtl ha! :p

  4. nicole Said:

    haha.. nice one mitch! =) loved it, loved it, loved it! =P

  5. Michiko Said:

    @janelle: Parang hindi tayo nadala sa blogging ano? *wink*

    @kalaro: i love the reply. Maybe I’ll put in Chapter 2. =) Para solution naman at hindi lang problem presentation hehe. Salamat sis!

    @james: yihii, natuwa siya, james tinawag ko sa kanya. Actually, Morning Greeting is just that: a story. Ok, I relent. A story based roughly–or rather, inspired by one of the things that happened to me recently. Hehe. I don’t take a bus (van pa) pauwi ng province. But the “general feeling” that my entry would leave you (and I wish you noticed) is definitely the real thing.

    @nicole: salamat, salamat, salamat! =)

  6. […] up is a drabble, Morning Greeting, which is about having a poignant realization at the sight of a bedroom ceiling upon waking up. […]

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