Musings on A Restless Day

“Someday you’ll be loved like you never have known/
and the memories of me will seem more like bad dreams/
Just a series of blurs: like I never occurred.”

— by Death Cab for Cutie, which I copy-pasted from Burn Magazine’s blogsite.

Change is good, I once so said. Pain is good, I also once claimed. It must have been really painful to just become a “someone from the past”—forgotten like an old school book, gathering dust. A school book that you once sought to solve and unravel some life’s mysteries.

*   *   *

“Never let someone be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option.”
— from Rhea.

My dear, the message struck a very sensitive chord. My body hummed when I read it. Can you still hear the echoes of the after-effect?

*   *   *

“Like water, seek your level.
Like earth, know your balance.
Like fire, glow.
Like wind, fly free and soar!
Life is beautiful, live and enjoy it
for the glory of God.”

— from Charise, March 30, 2006.

Charise’s surname is Adonay. Coincidentally, “adonay” in Greek somewhat meant “beautiful.”

* * *

“God’s love is the voice when you can’t speak,
the strength when you are weak,
the hope when you are down,
and the laughter when you are sad.
Stay happy!”

— from sib Jeph, who admitted to me that he’s an atheist three years ago.

The message was sent a few days after a tumor was taken out of his brain. He is now serious with photography.

* * *

“Luv isnt wen u cnt slip;
8s wen u wnt 2 kip ur eyes open.
Luv isnt wen u kip holding on;
its wen u learn 2 let go.
Luv isnt wen u kil urself wid jealosy;
its wem u understnd.
Luv isnt wen u fol 4 sum1;
its wen u catch dat pers0n wen he fall.
Luv isnt wen u c him evry wer;
its wen u close ur eyes and hes stil der.
Luv isnt wen u tel him wat u fils,
its wen u give evrythn 4 his sake.
and luv isnt wat u thnk ur blnd,
its wen u kn0w its wrong, but didnt mind.”

After reading this, I conclude that: Love is when it is that hard to read, hard to decipher; when it was laden with flaws and obvious errors; sometimes shortened, sometimes dubiously abbreviated that some words lost their meanings. Love is when, at the end of the day, after reading that message using a language unnamed, you still managed to reply back and say: “yeah, i luv ur msg.”


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  1. - KV - Said:

    I remember when you sent me that last message. I read it several times and just let it sink in. It hit me big time, sis. I know you know what I mean 🙂

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