The Sight of Humanity

“We may be equal in the eyes of God, but not in the eyes of others.”


I forgot who wrote that line, but it just somehow touched a nerve. These 16 words definitely made a lot of sense in the last few days. And I don’t think I’d still be alive come the day that all people wear the same kind of glasses. In fact, it would be quite impossible.


Pondering one of life’s greater mysteries would be the death of me.”



  1. Deciding which to please, the eyes of others and the eyes of God, has always been my struggle. and i just realized now how much i had wanted to look astig to others that i disregarded God’s design for me. hay bes. i hope u wouldnt have this situation.

  2. Tones Said:

    People’s vanity aye? *sighs* I wish I would stop judging how other people look, and how I look compared to everyone else.

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