Reduced Happiness Part I

Moment of realization: work had officially reduced my happiness.

Brief background. I work as an editorial assistant for a gaming magazine. Being one requires you to be as resourceful, patient, even-tempered and alert as possible.

Related Literature. My job requires me to set up photo shoots, find writers and set interviews, write and edit articles, research for updates, assist the creative department during layout, organize other stuff (I’m not really wordy today…), test (yay! play!) new games, attend events, etchetera, etc. I rely mostly on the Internet for my researches. I can’t work without a computer, a telephone, cellphone (and cellphone credits) and some ketchup packets.

(skipping theoretical and conceptual framework…)

Conclusion. It becomes an editorial assistant’s nightmare when:

1. The Internet is down. And you badly needed to email a writer of the assignment for tomorrow morning.
2. You decide to text the writer instead only to find out that you ran out of credits.
3. You decide to call the person but you don’t know his landline. Text! Oops, see # 2.
4. You decide to print a copy of the instructions for the writer but the printer won’t work.
5. Yay! The printer is finally working. Where are the goddamn papers?

If a day passes by without having to worry that the Internet won’t bog down or the printer doesn’t throw a tantrum at the worst timing, an editorial assistant’s day is somehow made.

Which made me sad when I’ve thought about it. There are more than these little things that should make me happy.

Friends, for example… which is entirely a new topic I’d deal with on my next post.

P.S. Is happiness only a state of mind?



  1. natawa ako dito, my sentiments exactly! hehehe

  2. Mitch Said:

    Hehe… Imagine. March 16 pa ang post na yan. And somehow… nothing’s changed. 😉 At (ehem!) may nawala pa! :((

  3. james Said:

    why don’t you talk your office into buying one common cell phone? there’s always an easy solution to (office) problems

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